I'm in Ireland on a little trip, and I haven't encountered a single problem I couldn't solve with tea or wifi or both. 🍀☕️✅
  1. I am bone cold
    When it's misty and windy and I feel chilled through all the layers of my being, I like the sensation of hot water falling through me.
  2. I am hungover
    Sometimes my tummy says "NO WAY!" to coffee but my head says "YES RIGHT NOW!" to caffeine. Tea solves this conflict.
  3. There is no sun
    My body needs the sun to understand which hours are for waking and which are for resting, especially in a new time zone. In case of persistent clouds, a constant stream of low level stimulants works fine.
  4. I need to have a think
    I love traveling alone, but I'm pretty exhausted by decision making. Sometimes I just need to pause and consider my options slowly, especially when I'm carrying a mighty backpack and my feet are tired. Well worth €2.