Tis the season to participate in some dehumanizing education theater. One. More. Day.
  1. Arrange desks in rows
    Be sure the physical environment discourages collaboration and community.
  2. Cover or remove any relevant material in your classroom
    This is not your space. This space belongs to the state. Whatever beautiful things you and children created this year should be hidden from view because CHEATING.
  3. Read some practical guides to workplace mindfulness
    Related: read @ouizoid's Foursquare Breathing list. Get ready to breathe in peace, breathe out frustration, and reset your inner equilibrium.
  4. Love on the littles
    As soon as the clock starts, you'll be reading from a script sent from on high care of the illustrious and infallible Pearson Corporation. Take a few minutes beforehand to remind your students that you love and care for them, that you're always already proud of them, that they don't need anyone outside of themselves to validate their hard work.
  5. Stop over-identifying
    Don't take credit for your students' successes and don't wallow in their struggles. Grant them, and yourself, independence to experience and pass through difficulty.
  6. Read some inspirational posters
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    Like this total gem from the Student Council or Gay Straight Alliance. Not sure which.
  7. Keep reading posters.
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    You're givin me life, young ones! 💕💕
  8. Self care
    The usual: tea, healthy food, long walks, books, sleep.