Waves of gratitude to @tothemaxxx for an amazing night and to @halleyfeiffer for being immediately available to help me process my feelings ❤️.
  1. Sitting perfectly still. Possibly not breathing.
    Death With Dignity
  2. Gripping Francis's hand rhythmically like we were performing a teeny tiny hand dance.
    Should Have Known Better
  3. Immediate ugly crying. Face pinched, rapid fire tears, trying to stay quiet.
    Drawn to the Blood
  4. Rocking in a way that I think should properly be referred to as davening
    All of Me Wants All of You
  5. Gazing at the lights on the ceiling. It looked like we were under water.
    A lot.
  6. Silent, continuous weeping.
    Fourth of July
  7. Moving my lips and exhaling the lyrics
    No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross
  8. Swaying side to side like a hippie mama trapped by a seatbelt.
    A lot.
  9. True whisper singing, realizing I am whisper singing, glancing around to see if anyone has noticed the whisper singing, continuing
    Carrie & Lowell
  10. Sighing and/or almost shouting "Aaaaah!"
    At the end of every song for two hours
  11. Closing my eyes really tight (Maybe to keep tears in? Unclear.)
    Blue Bucket of Gold
  12. Squealing with delight
    The Dress Looks Nice on You
  13. Bouncing like a toddler who sees a train or Cheerios headed their way