Being a teacher means Spring Break is a real phenomenon forever. Here are a few of the RECKLESS activities I got into this week.
  1. Filing my taxes
    I'm an ADULT!
  2. Sleeping so much
    When I'm not working I sleep with an intensity and dedication that scares everyone close to me.
  3. Googling "Game of Thrones" and just seeing what comes up
    I'm excited.
  4. Doing my laundry
    Welcome back, matching socks. I've missed you.
  5. Trying new recipes
    I have time to search for the one weirdo ingredient that throws a wrench into every recipe. Why, Ottolenghi, why?!
  6. Watching documentaries in sweatpants
    I need someone to talk about the Newburgh Four doc I just watched on HBO Go! (Sorry @keonovak.)