@MarthaQ and I really played the field when it came to summer camp. Some were more interesting than others.
  1. Camp Wyman
    5th grade overnight trip with our elementary school. Everyone went. Everyone got ticks. Missouri is a little feral sometimes.
  2. Camp Lakewood
    YMCA overnight camp. I got one of the worst sunburns of my life (do not trust tan camp counselors a with your absurdly pale child) and my cabin counselors wouldn't let me nap shirtless.
  3. Zoo Camp
    Day camp at the St. Louis Zoo. There was an overnight on the last day. We woke up early to catch nocturnal creatures bopping around.
  4. Circus Camp
    Year One: tumbling and a low tight rope at the performing arts space where we took dance class.
  5. Combination Circus Camp + Frontier Life Camp
    The next year circus camp got way weirder. We spent half the day in a circus tent and half the day on a meticulously maintained historical homestead. I rode and elephant and made lye soap. I practiced trapeze with a sweet Russian man named Sasha and learned to write with a quill pen. I practiced juggling scarves and churned butter.
  6. Super Camp
    @MarthaQ only. Nerd camp? Not totally sure what happened there.
  7. Backpacking trips (various)
    Rachel only. Very rustic and deceptively bougie, cause these trips are $$$. Paying a ton of cash to send their kid off to get dirty in the woods is a particularly New England-ish choice made by my parents.