I learned to use a floor loom this weekend! I also learned a tiny bit about the other ladies in Weaving 101. Here's who showed up.
  1. The middle aged woman who made one significant mistake at every step in the process, but had a great positive energy and commitment to making something to be proud of.
  2. The young women who used to work in social enterprise with indigenous Peruvian weavers.
  3. The young woman who used to study and write about social enterprise and learned techniques from indigenous Peruvian weavers. She and Lady #2 had never met before this class, but knew a bunch of the same people in Peru.
  4. The other 6th grade English teacher. (Alternate reality me?)
  5. The middle aged woman with the best royal blue jumpsuit and royal blue jacket. Dreamy vibes and matchy-matchy fits.
  6. The woman who had a rescue dog and took lots of (gram-able?) pictures. She just seemed real nice. PS she also had one of those perfectly soft J'aime Rodarte sweatshirts.