My sister and I made up this fake word to talk about the boring af mass market shit that makes us feel real real #blessed on the reg. It's the basic stuff we embrace, get it? We combined the words cause of how we're clever, see? [Happy Draftmas]
  1. First of all, calling other women basic is fucked up:
  2. That said, here we go:
  3. "Gilmore Girls" nostalgia
  4. Knee length dresses with pockets (from Anthropologie)
  5. Pumpkin spice soy lattes
  6. Serious feelings about Jane Austen's oeuvre
  7. Weekend morning yoga classes
  8. Paying for avocado toast at a cafe
  9. The Shondaverse
  10. Leggings as pants in public
  11. White wine