Tiny private school in suburban Boston. Great for visual art and nurturing the refugees of "normal" high school. Bad at other stuff, but why dwell? I really want to read @MarthaQ & @JEFF's versions!
  1. The woods
    The woods behind the George building, Cat Rock Park, that one sculpture park. You might get high or feel your feels or smoke cigarettes or think about Moby Dick a lot or create some environmental artworks while you're there.
  2. Nude self portraiture
    If we went to high school together there's a 50/50 chance I've seen a photo you took or a drawing you made of your boobs/junk.
  3. Weed
    I know this is every high school, but it was lil extra.
  4. Holding hands
    What a gentle community for late bloomers and weirdos (🙋🏻!)
  5. Boarding but also NOT boarding
    Boarding was clearly cool because NO PARENTS, but not boarding was cool because it's easier to lie to your own parents than anyone else when you're 17...
  6. Disregarding winter weather
    No one wore an appropriate coat. Everyone walked around in the snow between classes in Converse and Sambas. We drank a lot of tea and wore a lot of scarves.
  7. Assembly coordinators
    Highlights from @JEFF's reign include Rock and Roll Lunchtime and Prep School Day, a self conscious dress up day with its own theme song.
  8. Not writing the paper
    Classes rarely culminated with a test. Still, there was often a ripcord option like "create an art project and accompanying artist's statement that represents your learning." Examples include my shrine/box constructions about The Invisible Man, Katie's elaborate meal for Civil War history, Allie's ink print mobile for Modernism.
  9. Veganism
    See also: anorexia.
  10. Ultimate Frisbee and Coed Field Hockey
    🏆Least ambitious athletes in the Independent Schools League🏆
  11. Cutting your own hair
    Contrary to my own opinion at the time, I was very bad at this.
  12. The Ultimate 80s Mix CD
    Somebody's brother made it???
  13. Crushed out mix tapes
    Time out while I brag about the HIGH QUALITY crushed out mixed tapes I received in high school: so much Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers ❤️ "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" forever ❤️ The One AM Radio "The House We Will Make" ❤️
  14. Poochie bellies
    The beauty ideal for girls included a cutie toddler belly poking out between your thrifted tee and jeans.
  15. The dapple
    Best possible quad experience = sitting in dappled sunlight, sharing a million oranges and vegan chocolate chip cookies for lunch. I didn't know "the dapple" wasn't a universally accepted term for years.