Today is such a little MONDAY. 👎🏼
  1. Woke up exhausted because of an endless nightmare
    Zombies (???), lying family members, a house in the Ozarks but it's basically the Bayou because dream logic, y'all.
  2. Humidity really doing a number on my hair
    I looked so cute yesterday. Now I look messy and frazzled and those qualities are seeping into my psyche. Direct hair to brain situation.
  3. Felt sorry for myself, overcompensated by eating a lil piece of cake for breakfast
    Turns out this was a bad solution. Now I feel bad forever and want to lie down. Also: why was there cake in my apartment? Roommate mysteries.
  4. Lost my good water bottle over the weekend
    Forced to stay hydrated via subpar water bottle that keeps hitting my nose in an annoying way. Tiniest violin.
  5. The patriarchy is fucking with my shit
    I'm going to the beach this weekend, and instead of being nonstop stoked I keep thinking sad body thoughts (👙😕) then berating myself for wasting precious brain space on sad body thoughts. Also did I mention I ate cake for breakfast?
  6. Brain = generally bad at thinking
    Without appropriate sleep/food, my brain is just a heavy pile of trash straining my neck. I'm so bad at making decisions today it's exhausting (to me and others).
  7. It's just gloomy!
    How am I supposed to change my energy without sunshine? HOW I ASK?!