This list is a big bummer about how the terror of gun violence can feel almost banal in corners of my city and it makes me feel confused and heartbroken. Maybe skip it.
  1. ["Shelter In" is public school code for "There is a threat (i.e. a shooting) outside the the building. Don't leave." Feeling annoyed instead of weeping is among the more grotesquely 🇺🇸 things I do.]
  2. Organized new supplies
  3. Read for pleasure
  4. Did a logic puzzle with other grown ups
  5. Gossiped
  6. Complained about not being allowed to leave
    Quite a bit
  7. Told silly stories from our days
  8. Texted/called partners and friends who were expecting us and accidentally freaked them all out
    "No, no. Not in school. Just on the block. No, no. No one here is hurt. Sorry. No. Fine."
  9. Stared out the windows at the police
  10. Absolutely did not plan or prep or otherwise do work in a serious way at all
    It felt hard to concentrate.
  11. Plus: what kids did
    A lot of students had already gone home. Kids in after school continued basketball practice, continued film class, continued drama class, continued art class, searched for a missing cell phone, flirted, talked about Facebook, giggled at teachers because they thinks we're such weirdos, stayed calm, eventually went home.