I think I would be good at making these, because I whisper all the time and I love touching things.
  2. Nail art tutorials
    The more tools the better! Tape strips, tweezers, tiny Q-Tips, special glues, etc.
  3. Hair braiding tutorials
    Khaleesi inspired, please.
  4. Haul videos
    What did you buy today and how do you feel about what you bought today and what do you need me to know about how you feel about what you bought today?
  5. Dramatic makeup tutorials that have no relevance in my life
    My students flip out when I straighten my hair. Lord protect me if I wore TSwift-inspired lipstick or whatever.
  6. Babies eating lemons for the first time
    Love you, stranger babies! You're so confused!
  7. Joey/Pacey fan videos
    Sometimes I'm sad. What of it?