Hot Male Celebrities Over 50

I enjoy a good looking a guy at any age but I could only hope my future husband(s) will be as attractive as them at this age.
  1. Robert Downey Jr.
    He plays a "genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist" super hero. Do I need to say more?
  2. Johnny Depp
    This dude has been breaking hearts since forever. I can't understand how he can be so damn cool and good looking.
  3. Colin Firth
    He played the hottest literary character of all time (Mr.Darcy) and he has a British accent. Need I say more?
  4. Christopher Meloni
    ...These are their stories.
  5. Antonio Banderas
    Do the words "Latin lover" mean anything to you?
  6. Viggo Mortenson
    He's the only reason I'm willing to watch The Lord Of the Rings.
  7. Liam Neeson
    He has a very rugged face and I could totally picture in one of those paper back historical romance novels. And he can *find me* anytime he wants to. (Get it? No? ...Never mind then.)
  8. Eric McCormack
    I fell in love him when he was on Will and Grace which is say something because I was very young when the show was on. But even then I knew.
  9. Dylan McDermott
    I haven't seen much of his work but every time I see him, I drool.
  10. Jon Stewart
    Politically savvy? ✔️ Hilarious as hell?✔️ Cute to boot? ✔️
  11. Bruce Willis
    This guy doesn't get enough credit as a hunk. He's 60 and still killing it as an action star.
  12. Hugh Laurie
    He always a rugged look on him plus he gets extra points for the British accent.
  13. Dennis Quaid
    DILF af.
  14. Chris Noth
    Captured my heart as Mr. Big. #husbandgoals
  15. Tom Selleck
    I've had the biggest crush ever since he played Monica's boyfriend on Friends.
  16. Honorable Mention: Brad Pitt and George Clooney
    Never had the hits for them but they are attractive.