Anime is a new interest, so I need a way of keeping track of the series I've watched:
  1. DeathNote
    The first series I watched - and it was great! Brilliant story, interesting characters and relationships. Questions morality and stretches preconceptions of good v evil.
  2. Steins:Gate
    Time travel and intrigue! One of my favourites so far, for sure. The characters are all very endearing in different ways, especially when Okabe tries to undo the chaos caused by changing time and save his best friend.
  3. Psycho-Pass
    I wasn't sure I'd like this, but it's a really gripping crime drama - I couldn't stop watching! Great characters, non-stop plot and a romance simmering beneath the surface. When society monitors the capability of individuals to commit crime and judges them, what happens when the Psycho-Pass readers judge a mass murdering sociopath as completely innocent?
  4. Attack on Titan
    Pretty gorey and violent but a gripping watch!
  5. Knights of Sidonia
    Battles with entities in space, with a side serving of teen friendship and romance. As a Netflix series you can tell the difference from some of the others in style and visual quality, but still a good watch.
  6. Terror in Resonance
    Short but sweet - very emotional. Teens resort to terrorist acts to expose their pasts.
  7. Tokyo Ghoul
    I LOVE this series! Kaneki finds himself thrust into the world of ghouls after a first date goes horrifically wrong, and finds his way with the help of the staff at ghoul coffee shop Antique. Though Season 2 is a lot darker than season 1, and doesn't feature as much of the great character interaction that made early episodes so interesting, I can't wait to see where this series is going and what Kaneki's fate will be!
  8. Aldnoah.Zero
    The Princess of Mars comes to Earth as a peace ambassador when full war breaks out. Not as gripping as some of the others, but still with characters to feel sympathetic for.
  9. My Little Monster
    The cover image put me off for quite a while, but it was actually great! The will-they-won't-they love story of mismatched high schoolers. Lovely!
  10. Fate/Stay Night (Unlimited Bladeworks)
    Boy blunders into an otherworldly magical war and makes new friends and plenty of enemies. The female protagonist Rin Tokosa is the really interesting one, and her relationship with her protector Archer as well as Emiya.
  11. Dance with Devils
    A bit of a trashy one but fun - five guys, one girl. Four are Devils and the other two are brother and sister. Plus musical numbers aplenty!
  12. Noragami
    Very sweet, lovely characters - gods and all! Hiyori x Yato x Yukine!🤑😸👻 A childish and broke lowly god befriends a teen girl when she saves his life, and the two set out to find him a new Regalia (protective spirit), after which many adventures and challenges present themselves.
  13. Sword Art Online
    I took a couple of episodes to get into this one, but once I did I watched it all in a weekend. This is one time when I'm glad Adam's taught me all this gamer stuff, or it would've been a little hard to follow: RPG, MMO, beta tester. Very sweet relationships between the characters, and you get to see them develop through the series. Season 1 was better for me, possibly because the heroine Asuna becomes a passive captive in season 2, and the sibling love triangle was a little odd for my taste.
  14. Your Lie in April
    Musical whizz kids. Terminal illness. Loss and grieving. Love and friendship. Rivalry. Ambition. A sweet tale about finding the motivation to start over when your whole world changes.🎻🎹
  15. Black Lagoon
    Action packed, full of blood and gore but good fun! Guns, drug trafficking, child abduction, gang wars ... Interesting characters and different scenarios from many other anime, as it's not set exclusively in Japan. Also nice to have a black character!
  16. HOTD : High-school of the Dead
    Zombie apocalypse with high school students. Silly and fun, also pretty sleazy, with lots of revealing clothing, boob-groping and nudity. Lots of blood and gore also.