I have a bad habit of listening to a handful of songs on loop intensively, until I grow sick of them from overexposure and discarding them. My poor Spotify is rapidly filling with 8 song playlists, but I like to keep track, so here is this week's.
  1. Bodylifting - Spring Offensive
    Worry Fill My Heart was the soundtrack to my 2013, when work and worries were getting me down. There's something reassuringly familiar about the lead singer's voice, like I've met him a few times and shared some drinks. Not so, but a nice impression.
  2. Simple Things - Felt Tip
  3. Kettling - Bloc Party
    Good for when I'm feeling angry in the mornings. Like, every morning.
  4. Flashlight - The Front Bottoms
    Adam caught me listening to this as I did the washing up, and recoiled from the kitchen in disgust. I like it, though. It tells a story and has a catchy guitar loop ... I like that.
  5. Demon Dance - Surfer Blood
  6. Late - Jungle Doctors
    I think this used to play at work.
  7. Obsession - The Cairos
    Apt, no?
  8. Away Frm U - Oberhofer
  9. Long Hair - Drowners
  10. I'm Not Part Of Me - Cloud Nothings
    I would like to thank whichever of the Rough Trade employees it was about 2 years ago that picked Cloud Nothings as their album of the week. I listened to Attack On Memory in the store on the headphones selection and bought it there and then. No regrets, they're great.
  11. Borders - The Sunshine Underground