My Typical Morning Since Moving Back Home

  1. Alarm goes off, get up, turn it off, fall back in bed.
    Start thinking: "The longer I stay here the more of my day I'm wasting."
  2. If I fall back to sleep, the sun starts to come through my window and heat up my entire body.
    This usually make me get out of bed.
  3. Drink water, go pee or vice versa.
  4. Go down stairs with my phone and water.
  5. Make Bulletproof Coffee.
  6. While enjoying the coffee, I sit and think about life, read a magazine, maybe check my phone.
  7. Oh... time to poop.
    During, I will either finish my thoughts or check Snapchat.
  8. Look at the time and go through all the possibilities on what I should do next.