Today's list is inspired by real life events.
  1. Shampooing less frequently is healthier for my hair.
    I know this because of common knowledge and Google.
  2. I'm definitely going to work out later today and washing my hair now would be a waste.
    Cut to me not working out for five days.
  3. It's too cold in my apartment and if I take a shower there's a chance there won't be enough hot water and even if there is I'll be warm for 15 minutes but then even colder when I get out because I'll be wet.
    Too true. Damn you, Winter.
  4. Who cares how greasy my hair looks today? I don't need to impress anyone.
    This inevitably leads to regret.
  5. I'll just wear a hat. It'll be cool! I'll be that girl pulling off a cool hat.
    Cut to me not pulling it off.
  6. I should save my "clean hair look" for a more special occasion.
    It's so great to get complimented on my hair and enthusiastically respond, "I know! I washed it!!"