TOP 5 Podcasts

I started listening to podcasts when I was working for one of the big five banks of Canada. Soul sucking and monotonous work drives you to the land of no return so you do have to try your best to stay alive. Usually, people would turn to music but that well quickly ran dry for me. So I looked elsewhere - and I bumped into the world of podcasts.
  1. TED Radio Hour
    Need I explain more? If you love TedTalks, you're going to love TED radio hour.
  2. Radiolab
    Oh Radiolab. You've saved my mind more than I can ever count. It's a more casual and light-hearted version of Ted Radio hour though it is as informative and just as great.
  3. We Have Concerns
    Oh man, this one is led by one of the funniest duo-hosts of all time. They are entertaining and their comedy just lifts up your day. It's definitely a must-listen to.
  4. Surprisingly Awesome
    They made me realize how awesome broccoli is. That feat alone gives them enough credit for you to give them a listen. Again, broccoli.
  5. Ask Garyvee Show
    If you don't know who Gary Vee is, you need to google him now. And I literally mean now. This is one of the ways he gives back to the market. Be part of the vaynernation now. And I mean now.