This is heavy
  1. Nike
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    Ambiguous tweets that all surround a small piece of pop culture with a 15 second moment to shine within the actual movie. But seriously, the Nike Air Mag is IMO the dopest shoe to ever be conceptualized. The idea of power lacing any kid can dream of, making it realistic in the eyes of a 14 year old watching the movie, but the design that Tinker composed as a neoprene hightop with the huarache-looking sole makes this the perfect movie prop and the center of every social media conversation rn.
  2. The Hundreds
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    circa '09: I visit The Hundreds' fairfax store and see this t-shirt with a shiny grey car "I guess that's cool; the doors open upwards." In '12: I watch BTTF trilogy in one day and the Delorean collaboration finally makes sense, and I immediately regret not buying it 3 years ago. 10/21/15: The Hundreds holds nothing back as they release a full on capsule with updated logos and design while staying true to the aesthetic of the series in their depiction of 2015. Kudos to you @bobbyhundreds
  3. Pepsi
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    Yeah, pepsi takes a lot of heat for not being coke but at least they had their own say in BTTF day with the Pepsi Perfect collab. Reminds me of the Neuro bottles but creds to pepsi for adding to the frenzy of this random wednesday in october.
  4. Delorean
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    Raffling off a pretty much new Delorean with $50 raffle tickets? Maybe I should travel to the future where I won't be a strug college student or maybe I should travel to 1981 where I could still buy one from the dealership before the movie made it popular. What do ya think doc?
  5. Theaters
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    Showing off the Back to the Future trilogy consecutively all in one time starting at 4:29 pm? 🙆
  6. Context
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    The fact that a series of writers were imagining a time period that was actually pretty accurate in its sense shows how far we've come technologically (holograms, video calls, virtual reality, ubiquity of robots/drones) and what we can still achieve (hover technology, yeah thats pretty much it). The societal bar that BTTF2 set up for the human race to achieve in only 30 years just goes to show how capable we truly are at achieving our goals and dreams.
  7. It's just a classic
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    If you haven't watched it yet, go and indulge in a major landmark of pop culture history. I know it's just a movie and it won't completely change your life, but its pretty darn cool and most ppl today are joining together in embracing that fact.