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  1. A Sun Came
  2. Enjoy Your Rabbit
  3. Michigan
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best Sufjan songs of all time go
  1. All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! Or Forever Hold Your Peace
    what more can I say. this song is truly a bop. im in love with 5/4. the only way I can describe this song is with a YouTube comment I found: "FAR OUT FOLK TUNES. LOVE THE COVER ART. TRUE MICHIGAN."
  2. Age of Adz
    so so so good. that spazzed out arrangement... and the finger picked outro? ooh wee momma
  3. From The Mouth of Gabriel
    most underrated soof song of all time. how do u not cry when he goes "and while I SPOOOOOKE SOMETHING LEEEFT FROM MY LIFE"
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this is about the classical works of young thugman.
  1. Halftime
    great songs, favorite moment u ask? gotta be when he goes "SCHRRRRUUUUUUHHHHHH". great times within thugger
  2. With That
    i get a good jam going every time thugger says "sonic". ooh wee. electric chorus, Jammin beat. rocker of a tune
  3. Beast (Unreleased Song)
    i I've love love this one. favorite line? "I swear the baddest bitches got the biggest foreheads."
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