best Sufjan songs of all time go
  1. All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! Or Forever Hold Your Peace
    what more can I say. this song is truly a bop. im in love with 5/4. the only way I can describe this song is with a YouTube comment I found: "FAR OUT FOLK TUNES. LOVE THE COVER ART. TRUE MICHIGAN."
  2. Age of Adz
    so so so good. that spazzed out arrangement... and the finger picked outro? ooh wee momma
  3. From The Mouth of Gabriel
    most underrated soof song of all time. how do u not cry when he goes "and while I SPOOOOOKE SOMETHING LEEEFT FROM MY LIFE"
  4. Come On! Feel The Illinoise!
    how can u not tho. one of the best off of silly noise and one of the best songs ever made. i too cried myself to sleep last night no ghosts tho
  5. The Dress Looks Nice On You
    im not no fake fan this song is just cute fam tbh
  6. Blue Bucket of Gold (Remix)
    don't murder me but I don't like Carrie and Lowell too too much but this remix is funky fresh love the beatz
  7. I Want To Be Well
    Truly one of the most cathartic songs in Sufjan's catalog. The bold, in-your-face declaration of "I'm not fucking around!" is shocking and quite effective. The buildup to this explosive moment is not shabby either. The lyrics do a perfect job of illustrating Sufjan's schizophrenic, paranoid, and lonely mindset that he has during this point in the album. The ever changing time signatures, varied instrumentation, and emotive lyrics all complete this song making it really wonderful.
  8. Predatory Wasp
    gay wasps amirite guys lol
  9. Djohariah
    how to know if u r a Sufjan fan: u have listened to this song more than once. if u did it congradulations ur the glorious victorious the mother of the heart of the wooOoorld
  10. The Upper Peninsula
  11. Say Yes! To M!ch!gan!
    super sweet and lovely. this is basically a sun came if it was actually good 💯💯💯💯 fucking roasted DESTROYED
  12. Saul Bellow
    i cried to this song 7 times in one month when I was in 10th grade
  13. The Seer's Tower
    some kid made a rap song called "Deepest Grave" where he sampled this song I am not joking look up The Durbulence on SoundCloud (this may or may not have been me)
  14. Now That I'm Older
    idc what u say. this song is better than Casimir. this song is better than widows. this is better than impossible soul. this is like the 4th best Sufjan song. this thing is fucking awesome
  15. A Little Lost (Arthur Russell Cover)
    oh shit real suf fans waddup 😈💯
  16. Majesty Snowbird
    this song is straight from heaven I guarantee u. DONT STOPPPPPLA DN DOT. RBEAKJJ U CAN DELFHT BECAUSE U HAV A PLACENnnn!!!!!
  17. John Wayne Gacy, Jr.