There are a lot of things you can get good at if you spend enough time doing deliberate practice. The opposite is also true, here is a list of things I'm lousy at because I don't do them.
  1. Basketball
    The inspiration for this list. I have taken to shooting hoops when I take my son to the park. I am terrible at basketball...but not as terrible as I was before I started this spring.
  2. Music
    I pulled out my guitar for the first time in years. I can't even play the hacky version of Wonderwall I used to pull out when a guitar was handed to me. I did manage to learn "The Wheels On The Bus" so it's not an entirely lost cause.
  3. Spanish
    I've spent so many hours in a classroom learning Spanish that my inability to speak with confidence is an indictment of the way we teach language in school. Or I'm lazy. ¿Quién sabe?
  4. Drawing
    Having children is like taking a crash course in things you suck at. "Daddy will you draw with me?" quickly turns into "Daddy, what *is* that?"
  5. Gardening
    I think this is less inexperience and more poor follow through, but let's blame the former.