1. Giphy
  2. Turn signals!
    Common courtesy. Bonus: it isn't that hard to operate the lever.
  3. Pull out in front of me then turn left at the next intersection
    You saved 8 whole seconds! Now you have time to run that half -marathon!
  4. Roundabout ignorance
    Not difficult people. Yield to the traffic in the roundabout. Then GO!
  5. Headlights on at dusk and in the rain
    I know, I know, you can see just fine. You use the headlights so others can see you.
  6. Driving with a dog in your lap
    I mean, what happens if the air bag goes off?
  7. Have no idea where you are geographically relative to where you want to wind up. Seriously, how can you be in the furthest left lane if you must turn right in 20 feet?!
    Suggested by @KristenW27
  8. When people have absolutely NO patience on the road. I've only had my license for 4 months, people!! Have a little grace 😩
    Suggested by @laneeeee_sue
  9. 4 way stop paralysis
    When either no one knows how to use one, or no one was paying attention to see who got there first, so everyone just sits there looking/waving/waiting for someone to make a move.
    Suggested by @willrowland