Spent the first part of our honeymoon here. My first time in a city I've always wanted to visit
  1. Learn some Czech words & everyone will love you
    Seriously makes a huge difference if you say hello, please, thank you in Czech, & makes it less likely that vendors will try to rip you off
  2. We are doing Christmas wrong in the US
    Because in Prague, all over the city you can buy hot mulled wine or mead from street carts & walk around with it. I mean the have beer and sausages and stuff too, but: HOT WINE Y'ALL. Hot almond mead is also highly recommended
  3. On homelessness
    I saw not one homeless person (doesn't mean there's no homelessness obviously, just that they're not out and about in the city center) but did see a few people begging, and the way people beg in Prague is they put a hat in front of themselves and then kneel & put their faces down to the ground and stay in that position (similar to Muslim prayer position?). It looks cold, humiliating & uncomfortable. However I did see one woman doing it who was snorgling a small pup right under her face
  4. Prague dog!
    When you see a dog in Prague, you have to say "Prague dog!" (This is my rule only) Lots of cute dogs trotting around with their owners off-leash, which is interesting
  5. Good food
    And not very expensive. You can try traditional Czech food - sausages, potato, dumplings, ham, cabbage. But there's also great vegetarian and other ethnic food - I had a killer banh mi and a piece of pizza that was way better than the median LA slice
  6. dear god the streets are confusing
    Winding little cobblestone alleys and sometimes Google Maps takes you straight thru a shopping mall!? But there's something cool around every corner, so it's fun to get lost
  7. Groups of solemn drunk men standing outside pubs singing lugubrious traditional songs
    Happens when the pubs are closing & is charming as hell! I mentioned it to my husbo who claims it also happens in the US, but I disagree because "Sweet Caroline" doesn't count
  8. Beer is literally the same price as water and everyone is drinking it all the time
    I get it, you want me to have some Pilsner Urquell. Ok then
  9. Leave your heels at home
    even the sidewalks are cobblestone, betch. It's all about flat boots here
  10. The Internet means we all dress the same now, mostly
    Except older Midwestern couples who stick out in their ill-fitting jeans and giant-tread Merrell walking shoes. Oh and British girls pull their hair back super tight, wear lots of eyeliner & puffy parkas