Nasty lil' parts of myself I'd like to ignore. Feel free to add one of your own
  1. My inner Simon Cowell
    The judgy part of myself that wants to sit back, cross my arms, and smirk when someone does something imperfectly. Bonus points if they're really passionate about it and if they care what I think
  2. My inner Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates in "Misery")
    I like this one 'cause it covers a lot of bases - reclusive, controlling, obsessive, gluttonous, probably wearing something she found on the floor. Might smash a bitch's knee
  3. My inner Sandy in "Grease"
    Thinks I need to change or overhaul myself completely in order to get people to love me. The sad part is that it works
  4. My inner Guy Fieri
    Embarrassingly bad taste. Will say anything to get ratings or approval. Loudly saying nothing of any importance. Inner frosted tips
  5. My inner Chris Crocker
    I need you to see my pain, and I might bedazzle it.