Musts and can'ts, for the good of us all
  1. Must be willing to change
  2. Can't respond to challenge with violence
  3. Must be flexible
  4. Can't be defined in the negative
    (As in "not a woman")
  5. Must transgress norms
  6. Can't be easily shattered
    Cause when men try to piece it back together as it was they rely on hurting others
  7. Must incorporate femininity
    Like really, embody, live out, physically become, at least in part
  8. Can't try to prove itself
  9. Must be queer
  10. Can't exclude anyone who identifies as male
  11. Must be complex
  12. Can't be fragile enough to be broken by a single blow
  13. Must admit fear
  14. Can't always be trying to protect others
  15. Must be vulnerable
  16. Can't stay shut
  17. Must express emotion
  18. Can't rely on femininity to emote for it
  19. Must be held accountable
  20. Must be empowering and uplifting
    Suggested by @iheartmonkeys99