For those who feel like they just can't
  1. Fuck, truth is you need this job
    A person's got plans and quitting just because it's Monday isn't long term acceptable
  2. Because you spent the ENTIRE weekend in bed
    and c'mon brah!
  3. Coffee is good
    Instant gratification
  4. Showers feel nice
    Don't think about the rest of the day yet. You only have to make it to the tub.
  5. Because the struggle is bigger than Monday
    Tap into some root motivation. If it weren't Monday, what would get you out of bed for?
  6. It feels like spring today
    Maybe you just need some vitamin D
  7. Don't let down your colleagues!
    You care about at least one of them
  8. You care about your clients
    You are going to do something useful for them today
  9. Those who get out of bed have a better chance of getting into bed
    with somebody else💯💪😘
  10. Next Monday you won't have to
    Three day weekend!