I walk two blocks above ground to take 7 minutes off my morning commute. Here is what stimulated my morning dulled senses
  1. A tidal wave of concentrated old urine sent
    I gagged
  2. Wet pretzel? smell
    What a follow up
  3. A cool breeze
  4. UGH whiffs of fresh urine
  5. "Breakfast mix" smell coming from Dig In
    Not as nice as you might hope
  6. Innocuous unremarkable "fresh" city air
    Respite for an entire half block
    Jesus I didn't realize I was walking right by that guy with a jackhammer til he turned it on
  8. (Back under ground with a bunch of newly opened shops at the south end of Columbus circle)
  9. Wet vegetables
  10. Toast
  11. Paint and other remodeling scents
  12. Dough donuts smelling up like a good 30 yards of passage
  13. Back on the platform to continue uptown: mild urine