Snippets from conversations over the last few days
    Racism is meant to exclude, and it does this by teaching us to see black people as other, as less than, as different, as untrustworthy, as a threat.
    Police in America were made for controlling and killing black people. That is a legacy you can escape. We all read that piece about Nixon's advisor and the war on drugs? Let's not pretend it has gone away in the last 50 years.
    How is this not a specific variety of the violence taught to men? We are taught to fight for power, to abuse. Never thought of this before a conversation this morning, but it makes sense that it is a piece.
    The power of badge and gun. Let's not forget that old Stanford Prison experiment. The change in people when they get power sets the foundation for cops as abusers of power, as killers. Place the first three points on top of this and it's clear the system needs to be dismantled and rebuilt:
  5. Why do cops get killed?
    They shouldn't. But they did. Because the situation is that dire that some see no option, only retribution.