2016 was fucked up- 2017 is changing
  1. Meditation every day or every few days
    I have spent some time doing guided meditation to help relax me
  2. Rid my life with useless clutter.
    After watching "Minimalism: A Documentary" I decided that I had to much stuff. I started out in one room and cleaned all excess stuff out of it. After that I moved to a closet to get that cleaned out. Now it's clean I will start putting stuff for a yard sale in there and ready to go out the door once I do a yard sale.
  3. Thinking about what is to come with my job/future
    I realize I didn't want to pharmacy forever. I decided that once I get my my world less clutter then I can start looking for a new job that I can substain to live in. Goal to work here
  4. Hiking
    Every couple weeks I will take my backpack out and go out. I might not have all the gear but what I do have weighs the backpack down and lets me get out for some miles. It also wares down my dog making her more enjoyable
  5. Having a want room...
    After cleaning the excess room out I move my TV upstairs. Now I focus on reading and listening to myself in the downstairs living room. Upstairs is my want room. I don't need TV I want it.
  6. Living room
    I've decided to read more, paint, color and focus time more downstairs in my living room. I am making it a living room again.
  7. Down grading my facebook
    I will admit to having a huge problem with social media and my phone. I have unfollowed everyone on Facebook to spend less time caring about what people post. What have I found while doing so... Ads. Facebook has a ton of ads.