decluttering my home one step at a time. 3 area are done so those will be the first few points.
  1. Upstairs spare room
    Clean and sort all clothes not being worn. Donate clothes and get rid of them as quickly as possible. Carpet clean and have room looking presentable.
  2. Make spare room the TV room
    Move TV, blu ray, xbox, and entertainment center upstairs and make it TV room.
  3. Harry Potter room
    The large closet under the stairs. Clean it out and have it able to get in and out of it.
  4. Living room.
    The only things in the living room is 2 chairs and couch. This is now a reading or calming room. Keeping electronics to a minimum other than radio or podcast listening.
  5. Kitchen
    Going to go through all stuff and decide what to keep and what to sale or get rid of. Many tupperware pieces to get rid of. Several blender that can go as well.
  6. Bedroom
    Clean and reclean. All clothes need to go in the drawer or need to be donated. Once again go though clothes.
  7. Basement
    A monster in itself. Must clean all and decide what to keep... More to come.