Updated as I remember more!
  1. Conor Oberst & First Aid Kit, "Lua"
    http://youtu.be/htB4lsoXfVI The duet version of Lua is now a live Conor Oberst standard, for good reason. And First Aid Kit are maybe his greatest collaborators of all time.
  2. Anais Mitchell, "Shenandoah"
    http://youtu.be/7-jZmkenrpo I love that this is such a low-rent, public access TV production. Makes me nostalgic. And I love her weird little kicks!
  3. The New Pornographers, "Adventures In Solitude"
    http://youtu.be/4f6keGbrOWQ Even though Neko Case seems to have no idea what the hell is going on. I'm here mostly for Kathryn Calder anyway.
  4. Margot & The Nuclear So & Sos, "As Tall As Cliffs"
    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sr7wdq03Rfo I'll probably find a couple more Take Away Shows for this list, but this one always sticks out in my head. It captures the big, weird energy of a Margot show, but also highlights how fun it is to shoot a video like this.
  5. The Lone Bellow "Slip Sliding Away"
    http://youtu.be/BCdaI752XE4 You're probably gonna cry. You've been warned.