I'm always obsessed with six or seven songs at a time. I listen to them over and over until they do nothing for me, and by then I've found six or seven more to replace them. These are the current ones.
  1. "Farewell Transmission," Songs: Ohia
    This song reminds me of Billy Bob Thornton's character in Fargo. I can't explain it, but it's a fun association.
  2. "Video Games," Lana Del Rey
    I didn't give this song its due when it first came out. I'm late to the party, but the party is still jumping!
  3. "Black Star," Gillian Welch
    Normally I don't like hearing the audience during live recordings, but they really make this track. They're just so pumped about melancholy folk-jamming! I love them! When she drifts back into a verse at the 3:50ish mark, they LOSE THEIR SHIT.
  4. "Frankie's Gun," The Felice Brothers
    I love a good accordion part, especially when the drums lock into place with it. The opening of "Rag Mama Rag" comes to mind, as well as MF Doom's "Accordion."
  5. "Gave It A Name," Bruce Springsteen
    Basically because "Show Me A Hero" was so good.
  6. "Clearest Blue," CHVRCHES
    The best abrupt transition to a monstrous, apocalyptic synth riff since "Dance Yrself Clean."
  7. "Los Angeles," Margot And The Nuclear So & Sos
    I go through pretty intense Margot phases where I'm convinced they're the greatest band of all time. The current phase has lasted like six months.
  8. "While You Were Sleeping," Elvis Perkins
    I like a confident acoustic guitar. Don't gently strum it like an asshole. Make that fucker BOUNCE.
  9. "Dark Parts," Perfume Genius
    This feels like an intense scene from an unassuming indie drama. I'll tell you one thing though--it's kinda withholding with the drums. There's no snare drum-related resolution. The Coldplay song "The Scientist" pulls the same shit. Open it up, dudes!