I come home to find a good friend has moved into my living room and is planning to heist his ex and get the 200 dollar necklace he got her back.
  1. Everyone is watching point break in my living room?
  2. There is new furniture (tv, guitar amp, kayak, couch)
  3. I'm asked if I want in on a "heist" to get the necklace back
  4. I've never heisted before. I'm intrigued and ask what the plan is
  5. There is no plan. I suggest sending a text and asking to get it back first
  6. Someone brings up the records my ex girlfriend still has of mine
  7. I take my own advice and text her asking about them (we haven't spoke in probably 6 months)
  8. She has an iPhone now. texts me saying she can drop them off in 30-40 minutes. That was easy.
  9. About 45 minutes go by and I start waiting outside
  10. 20 minutes later I text her and the message isn't delivered. I realize she isn't going to be bringing them over
  11. She got me good.
  12. Did I get heisted?
  13. I go back inside and everyone is watching the Lego movie.
  14. Everything is awesome