These are my favorite cats I've encountered in the world.
  1. Scratch
    Scratch is my cat. I found him in a bush when I was six. His mom was a stray. He's almost fifteen and he lives at my parents' house.
  2. Twix
    Twix was my friend Tiffany's cat. Unsure if he's still alive. I knew him in middle school.
  3. Aurora
    Aurora is my roommate's cat. She's friendly and hyper and will sleep on your chest while you watch TV.
  4. Chloe
    Chloe is my sister's cat. She's fancy and arrogant like a rich teenager. Scratch's sister.
  5. Leo
    Leo is my roommate's other cat. He's older and I like him but I'm he worried he wants to kill me. He stole a guest's entire slice of pizza one time. OUT OF HIS HANDS.
  6. Scout
    Chloe's son, tragically disappeared after a thunderstorm when he was three.