It's been 45 minutes, and all I have is a list of lists. They were explored, flushes out, and discarded. I'll get to them another time.
  1. Business Advice from my Dad
    From starting a religion to breaking into the entertainment industry, he's said it all.
  2. 5 Movie Moments Ruined By People I Sat Next to In The Theater
    Why oh why the never-ending need to talk? And in a room of two hundred seats, how do they always find me?
  3. Baby Boomers and Their Ability to Make me Question Existence
    Whatever they say, just nod and say "yes." No need to complicate things.
  4. 5 Facts About The Universe that Don't make ANY Sense
    Black Holes. Enough said.
  5. The Stages of Being Stuck in LA Traffic
    Road Rage is only one accident away...