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Ain't never gettin' old
  1. Porsche 911
    Any and all
  2. Binge-watching TV
    Pre-Netflix, pre-DVR. It's always been there for us.
  3. Jeans
    Denim is the universal language.
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Things that I think are fantastic
  1. Checking the mail
    I love getting shit.
  2. Campfires
    Year round
  3. Ray Donovan
    Wearing the same outfit everyday has never been so cool.
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So this requested list left me a lot of creative freedom. As a urologist, I feel well equipped for the task. Challenge accepted.
  1. The problem child
    As far as organs go, I can think of none that cause as cause as much anguish.
  2. Tenacious
    **Insert Winston Churchill's Harrow School speech**
  3. Deal maker
    Hello ladies
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