Things that I think are fantastic
  1. Checking the mail
    I love getting shit.
  2. Campfires
    Year round
  3. Ray Donovan
    Wearing the same outfit everyday has never been so cool.
  4. Sour beer
    With everything.
  5. Double meat
    Especially when they forget to charge you
  6. Bloc Party
    For every mood
  7. Marvin Gaye
    For every mood
  8. Doing my own automotive work
    It doesn't matter if it's better, cheaper, easier, or safer. I'm doing it myself.
  9. Brian Jacques
  10. Pizza and burgers
    These two are going together because I can't separate them and their awesomeness in my head.
  11. Applying three or more coupons to an online purchase
    No one can see how pathetic I am when I'm sitting on my couch in my underwear.
  12. Being right
    I'm not gonna say it...but you know I'm thinking it.