So this requested list left me a lot of creative freedom. As a urologist, I feel well equipped for the task. Challenge accepted.
  1. The problem child
    As far as organs go, I can think of none that cause as cause as much anguish.
  2. Tenacious
    **Insert Winston Churchill's Harrow School speech**
  3. Deal maker
    Hello ladies
  4. Deal breaker
    If there were no losers, there could be no winners.
  5. Trendsetter
    What do Andy Warhol, Steve Jobs, The Beatles, and the penis all have in common? They love a good turtleneck. And we all know who wore it first.
  6. A fountain of entertainment
    Not what you were thinking. Most of my good cocktail party jokes come from the stupid stuff my patients do with their penises.
  7. Penisnt
    I wish this would become a thing. Like Fetch.
  8. Typically not the problem
    But people love a good scapegoat. "So it works when you're watching porn, but not with your wife?"