Ain't never gettin' old
  1. Porsche 911
    Any and all
  2. Binge-watching TV
    Pre-Netflix, pre-DVR. It's always been there for us.
  3. Jeans
    Denim is the universal language.
  4. Audiobooks
    +1 if read by author (@bjnovak short stories make cross country trips quicker--statistically significant fact)
  5. Beer
  6. Conversation
    Preferably slightly to moderately drunk
  7. Driving fast
    Just as fun today as it was when I was 15yo
  8. Wood
  9. Leather
  10. Harry Potter
    JK Rowling would've crushed Shakespeare. He should consider himself lucky.
  11. Masturbation
  12. String cheese
    Entertaining and delicious.