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  1. They played hotline bling and no one knew the words
    Surprising tbh
  2. Drank
  3. We realized how terrifying that balcony actually is
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I have a decent amount of feelings
  1. I See The Light from Tangled
    Alan Menken what is this wizardry
  2. A Whole New World from Aladdin
  3. Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid
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My mom retweeted one of those positivity accounts and now I'm feelin positive
  1. I have great friends who care about me
    And im a lot closer with a lot of people this year and that makes me really happy
  2. I just got a kickass internship with colleen
  3. The teacher for this class bought us all pizza
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According to @cindy112 and I
  1. Nice sperrys bro
  2. Sick raybans man
  3. Lovin the chubbies
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  1. A kardashians or real housewives marathon
    Not the oc or miami housewives tho
  2. Dinner at a nice restaurant
  3. Hanging with everyone at colleens apartment
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Im at home and I'm feeling much better after a very stressful week
  1. My dog
    He makes me so happy
  2. Cute flirty barista
    Unless I mistake being friendly for being flirty (this is probably what happened)
  3. Earl grey latte
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  1. Black Mass
  2. Loni Love
    I was thinking about the tamar braxton vine
  3. Connie Chung
    She's married to Maury! Who knew!
  1. Keeping Up with The Kardashians
    Because duh
  2. Parks and Recreation
    Leslie would definitely come up with a way to keep us all alive
  3. Gilmore Girls
    I could complain with Lorelai for hours 💖
We're all scorpios and we like to go out, sue me
  1. The one with the signs that said "everyone must share their weed and liq"
  2. A depaul jewish frat party that was really weird but it was also where we found out that the cubs made the playoffs
  3. A university of chicago frat party where I threw up in the uber
    Sorry for bringing that up again
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  1. The middle aged man with a wife who got lost on the way to nordstrom
  2. The one whos windows were tinted (probably illegal) and played club music for ambiance
  3. We do not flirt with the ones who take a long time to pick us up (most of them)
    They dont deserve it