We're all scorpios and we like to go out, sue me
  1. The one with the signs that said "everyone must share their weed and liq"
  2. A depaul jewish frat party that was really weird but it was also where we found out that the cubs made the playoffs
  3. A university of chicago frat party where I threw up in the uber
    Sorry for bringing that up again
  4. Another university of chicago frat party where cindy madeout with some guy and allison also came with us. This was a good one. Multiple drink stations, as well as a water station. I thought that was a nice touch
    I miss allison :(
  5. The one where we thought we were gonna get trapped in the stairs with all those people
    This was genuinely frightening
  6. There are more but I cannot remember right now and/or I just dont feel like embarrassing myself