1. Fresh cut grass
  2. Warm caramel stroopwafel
  3. Getting an empty seat next to me on the plane
  4. Make that two seats, even better
  5. Hugs, the kind that don't make you want to tap twice on the huggers back
  6. The laughs that make your belly ache and your eyes spring with tears
  7. Cuddles with baby animals
  8. Feeling proud and happy for someone you love
  9. The taste of water when you're dying of thirst
  10. Getting into the warmth of the house after a long walk in the cold
  11. The warm look in someone's eyes when they look at the person they love
  12. Walking down the streets with your eyes on the clouds and the blue in the sky
  13. Looking at old photos and remembering the good times
  14. That first sip of coffee in the morning
  15. Hearing a song you loved years ago and haven't heard in ages
  16. Getting a great new hair cut
  17. Shoes that fit like they were made for your feet
  18. Buying something you love for 70% off
  19. Feeling the sun warm your skin and getting the right amount of tan before the burn
  20. Jeans that fit just right and aren't designer denim
  21. Walking around museums with a buzz
  22. Driving on highways blaring music
  23. Being cut off from signal and present in the moment
  24. Being at peace with the end of a chapter and ready for the next one