4 Writing Tools I can't live without

  1. My daily doer. I keep notes abound in my Leuchtturm soft bound book.
    An index, numbered pages, graphed paper back pocket, and book mark makes recording in analog feel like an exercise in craftsmanship.
  2. Field Notes
    An honest memo book. I fill it up frequently. Weather proof and tear proof. Dot graph paper, with Futura paper.
  3. Space Pen
    Fisher Space Pen. The same one you wanted as a kid. Write upside down while snorkeling in the deep end of the pool, or while at work on a desk.
  4. 4 Minute Journal
    You've heard of the five minute journal. Which I like. This is the 4 minute journal. Which I love. Most important tasks, additional tasks, other tasks, meetings. Reflect at the end of the day. Complete the journal entry giving a head start on tomorrow's work. It's free.