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Too embarrassed to post on fb/ not pretty enough for a self deprecating Instagram post
  1. First things first. Get a slice ASAP
  2. Strufoli (Italian fried dessert that's super tedious to make and not actually that tasty but nostalgic enough that we make it biannually) making/eating with the g-pa. Side note, wtf is with that side eye he's giving me???
  3. Baked/ate hella piggies. Idk why we call them piggies but we just do. *note same night as strufoli making
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  1. Frisco melt from Steak 'n Shake
  2. My moms crockpot braciole
    Note that she's since become vegan and will likely never make this dish again
  3. Wendy's jr bacon cheeseburger
    My 10 year old self's favorite post target shopping trip snack with my mom
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  1. Amber Indian
    Fave Indian restaurant in Carmel Indiana
  2. Blue ribbon taxi
    Lol. Life before uber
  3. BUZZ
    To buzz people in at my old beautiful wonderful wood floored apartment in Chicago. Rip jagged breeze
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  1. Shouldn't of worn these boots
  2. Oh shit these jeans are a little too cropped for these neon leopard socks
  3. Speaking of jeans, wtf gap? Your skinny jeans never really feel skinny. Learn how to properly taper, man
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  1. This looks like that one scene in I, Robot
  2. He reminds me of Dobby
  3. Is this in our galaxy?
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With complimentary personal reviews by yours truly
  1. Pumpkin Joe o's
    Not worth it tbh
  2. Pumpkin bagels
    I'm into them, Ian's not
  3. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls
    Slightly underwhelming. Kept hoping they'd taste more like the orange ones with every bite
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Open to every reasonable suggestion
  1. Linda belcher
    Need to buy: apron, red shirt, red glasses. Learn to do voice for bonus points
  2. Sadness from inside out
    Need to buy: round rimmed glasses, gray turtleneck, blue wig???? (Must be sad-looking all the time, easy peasy)
  3. Yeezy season 2 model??
    Tbh I stole this from refinery 29/don't think I'm hip enough anyway
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  1. "Would you like a quesadilla to go with those feelings?"
  2. "Sad Little White Girl"
  3. "Don't be a lil' shit."
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Disclaimer: I have high sensitivity to motion sickness/jarring movies
  1. That time at the Edge
    Ate French toast with friends at like 11pm at the edge (diner in lakeview that no longer exists, rip) The check came and I felt like I was going to barf so I went outside and barfed all over Clark st and my new ll bean rain boots. Ian tried to come to the rescue but only ended up with a little barf on his shoes too.
  2. While watching Avatar in 3D front row
    Senior year of high school with a boy from my film class. Nauseating combination.
  3. After watching Whiplash
    Also close up to the screen. Was two blocks from home and had to get out of the car to puke on the street. Naturally a cop pulls up behind me and immediately accuses me of being a drunk asshole. I tell him I have motion sickness and he suggests I get a margarita to take the edge off.
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(Apologies for slightly drunken tone/grammar)
  1. Pumpkin with seasonal drink inside and spout for serving
    Not as boozy as I hoped
  2. Not as much plaid as I expected/per Todd's request
    Sarah/kallie: figure a
  3. Guac is a hit
    No surprise there, tbh. Chipotle recipe ftw
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