Too embarrassed to post on fb/ not pretty enough for a self deprecating Instagram post
  1. First things first. Get a slice ASAP
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  2. Strufoli (Italian fried dessert that's super tedious to make and not actually that tasty but nostalgic enough that we make it biannually) making/eating with the g-pa. Side note, wtf is with that side eye he's giving me???
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  3. Baked/ate hella piggies. Idk why we call them piggies but we just do. *note same night as strufoli making
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  4. B&w cookies. I die. (Actually didn't eat any of these, just admiring/drooling at bakery)
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  5. Babka cake. Worth the 1 hr wait at previously mentioned bakery. Heaven on earth honestly
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  6. The absurd folding table that had to be assembled for all the holiday family treats. Many were sampled and loved
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  7. Aunts pretty little festive cran lemon water jug. Again, I die
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  8. Moscow mule courtesy of uncle. This counts right?
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  9. Casual night of babka slice and hot chocolate. Nbd
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  10. That night uncle bill made pizza and decided to put leftover pasta on it
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  11. Four went to dinner. Four entrees were ordered. Five desserts were ordered.
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  12. And finally, a self portrait consuming a delicious carvel cone
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