A Food Photo Series of My Christmas Vacation in NY

Too embarrassed to post on fb/ not pretty enough for a self deprecating Instagram post
  1. First things first. Get a slice ASAP
  2. Strufoli (Italian fried dessert that's super tedious to make and not actually that tasty but nostalgic enough that we make it biannually) making/eating with the g-pa. Side note, wtf is with that side eye he's giving me???
  3. Baked/ate hella piggies. Idk why we call them piggies but we just do. *note same night as strufoli making
  4. B&w cookies. I die. (Actually didn't eat any of these, just admiring/drooling at bakery)
  5. Babka cake. Worth the 1 hr wait at previously mentioned bakery. Heaven on earth honestly
  6. The absurd folding table that had to be assembled for all the holiday family treats. Many were sampled and loved
  7. Aunts pretty little festive cran lemon water jug. Again, I die
  8. Moscow mule courtesy of uncle. This counts right?
  9. Casual night of babka slice and hot chocolate. Nbd
  10. That night uncle bill made pizza and decided to put leftover pasta on it
  11. Four went to dinner. Four entrees were ordered. Five desserts were ordered.
  12. And finally, a self portrait consuming a delicious carvel cone