A record of the other kind of drinking and driving, or, what's riding shotgun in my car right now
  1. One coffee cup
    Decaf latte from Lamill, which is my local. I don't drink coffee, and even decaf can kickstart my anxiety, so I try to reserve indulgences for moments of special need. This one is courtesy Rosh Hashana morning 5775.
  2. Two kombucha bottles
    Health-Ade brand, lemon ginger flavor. They sell them at the 7-11 across the street from Lamill. They are $6 each, which is fucking outrageous, but they don't give me panic attacks so every time I drink one instead of decaf it feels like a victory.
  3. [Interlude]
    I have a history of disordered eating, which mostly now manifests as an arcane and frankly incomprehensible-- even to me!-- thing about calories, flavors, and $$$. Suffice it to say: spending money on something tasty and "healthy" but not filling somehow hits, like, all of my miswired pleasure centers at once. And, like, I know anything with juice in it actually has a zillion calories. That's not the point.
  4. Three mini water bottles
    What my therapist gives me when I start crying during a session. See: panic attacks, disordered eating, etc.
  5. Just one massive green glass Perrier bottle
    Reserved for treating hangovers. Bad email from a worse ex last week.