The last ten years in broken Mac products, or, I plan my own obsolences by being a butterfingers
  1. PowerBook laptop, 2005-2009
    Spilled water on it writing a paper in bed midway through senior year of college.
  2. MacBook laptop, 2009-2012
    Fell off the edge of my bed, where it was perched very precariously so I could charge it and watch tv at the same time.
  3. iPhone 4s, 2011-2013
    Dropped it and shattered the back (remember when iPhones had glass backs?) while moving in 2012, but I just put some packing tape on it to keep the shards in place and everything was fine. This one I didn't break- I straight up lost it at a hotel, at a work retreat, while very, very drunk. Friends texted me pic of themselves at a party with the theme of furingerie (fur + lingerie) all that night, and those texts are tragically lost to history.
  4. iPhone 5s, 2013-2015
    Dropped it in a parking lot. I was reading Twitter while walking a hundred feet from my car to work.