Exhaustive and objective-as-hell rankings of the characters of the anime Naruto.
  1. Rock Lee - no explanation needed, the dopest by a wide margin
  2. Blank space in honor of Rock Lee's dopeness, to really hit this point home
  3. Additional blank space- Rock Lee, man
  4. Shikamaru - he's smart and chill, this is the right spot for him
  5. Maito Guy - dope AF, inarguable
  6. Naruto - yea overpowered, but he's pretty good
  7. Danzo - pops sharingan like candies, too cool
  8. Iono, who cares.
  9. Kakashi - sure why not
  10. Everyone else I guess, except Sasuke
  11. Sasuke - yo fuck this guy, definite last place amongst all characters on this show and perhaps ever, both comically overpowered and a whiny asshole