1. "I'm useless"
    You're not useless. In actuality you have more uses than you'll ever understand. That talent you think is worth nothing, someone else would give the world to have. Try and appreciate the little things, even if they're in yourself.
  2. "My existence is pointless"
    No! You, whoever you might be, wherever you might have come from, whatever walk of life you've traversed through. YOU. MEAN. SOMETHING. TO. SOMEONE. Every person you've seen, spoken to, listened to, you have touched. Their life could very well not be the same without you. It's okay to give yourself worth in someone's life.
  3. "I'm worthless"
    You're worth more than you'll ever be able to comprehend. You are a person (I assume), you have morals and rights, you have feelings and dreams. You have a voice, and you have ideas. You alone are priceless because you alone have the power to do whatever the fuck you want.
  4. "They don't like me"
    Jealousy can be a real bitch.
  5. "I'm not good enough"
    This one is though because you decide to make it true or not. Are you telling yourself this because you're too lazy to try harder? Believe me you have the ability to be good at anything. It all depends if you want to get off your ass and put the work in. You're good enough for whatever the hell you want.