1. Ben's request for me to make this list vibrates my phone and wakes me up from my nap
    I got on the 7:45 train to Penn Station to be greeted by a few apathetic passengers and a great deal of water on the floor. It slushes up and down the rows as the train starts and stops. I try to listen to the entire Hamilton Soundtrack as soon as I get on, but I'm too tired to listen closely and give up 4 songs in (it's really good though). I rest until I get the notification to write this list.
  2. I arrive at the center of all New York transit, the spotless Penn Station
    Here I realize that I have left my bag with all of my toiletries and the such at home. The day gets even worse as I walk past the Auntie Anne's stand to find that they are not open. Fuck. I sit down and wait for my train and listen to more of the Hamilton soundtrack. Advertisements for Hamilton surround me at the Amtrak station, almost taunting me. I go back to the Auntie Anne's kiosk and it's open! But on the way back a security guard dog barks at me angrily and I get terrified
  3. I made it on the train!
    As the track number gets announced a swarm of people stampede towards track 9. I listen to Yellow Submarine during the chaos, it's oddly fitting. I find two open seats, but probably because one of the seats is broken and is going too far back. Whatever, it's fine with me. The old man across the row from me eats a banana while browsing the web on his iPad
  4. An hour on the train
    It's pretty quiet. The train mostly rings in silence only to be interrupted by me chuckling because of a podcast I'm listening to (comedy bang bang). A girl asks me if anyone is sitting in the seat next to me, and I have the strong urge to say yes even though nobody is. I say no and she sits down. We both are on our phones and I don't think we will say another word to each other.
  5. Hour 2
    I haven't done much except fail to fall asleep. The girl next to me is reading Tina Fey's autobiography. It's really good and I want to talk with her about it but I'm not going to.
  6. Hour 3
    Still can't sleep, decided to watch Inherent Vice because that's my go to movie whenever. I put it on and then realize that the people behind me and the girl next to me can see what I'm watching, and it's a weird movie. I see the girl look over at my computer during the pussy eaters special scene. I pretend not to realize.
  7. Hour 4
    I have done nothing of worth. The banana man is having a personal conversation with the girl next to him. It's sweet.
  8. Back in Boston!
    The train arrives. As soon as I get up to leave, my phone starts to play Shipping Up to Boston which I find way too cool. Banana Man leaves his wallet on his seat but the girl next to him gives it to him. It's even sweeter then their previous interaction. On the T back I try to use my metro card twice unsuccessfully. Because of this I miss the train.
  9. Campus sweet Krampus
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